Welcome to General Starlight Co., Inc. (GSCI), the only one full cycle Thermal Imaging/Night Vision Manufacturing company in Canada, serving Military and Law Enforcement Customers Worldwide. More than 21 years in business earned GSCI reputation as Globally recognized, reliable, innovative company, offering unique, sophisticated Optical Electronic Observation and Detection Systems.

We manufacture full line of High Performance Night Vision Optical Systems

We manufacture full line of High Performance Thermal Imaging Optical Systems

We manufacture Variety of proprietary Enhanced/Fusion Optical Systems

Featured Product:

Dual Tubes Night Vision Goggles PVS-31C

GSCI operates for more than 22 years. Always a step ahead. Trusted for experience, respected for results. This makes us different. Better. Unique.

GSCI is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management



GSCI sussessfully

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Industry for more than

22 years!

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